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Portland Language Arts Bilingual Montessori Preschool


Our montessori based chinese-english language curriculum is designed to help each child to become proficient in two or more languages, develop self-confidence, respect for others and their opinions, and develop the foundation for a life-long passion for learning..

After-School Chinese

We offer after-school Chinese Lessons for children ages 6-11. These lessons are perfect opportunity to have your child learn additional languages, or prepare your child for Middle School Chinese Programs, like those offered at Gilkey Middle School.

After School Care

Our after-school Chinese Language program is perfect for children that are taking Chinese as a second language. Your child will have the opportunity to speak Chinese, ask our staff for assistance with homework and improve their Chinese language skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

Music: Portland Language Arts is a certified Music Together Preschool and the program is integrated into the regular schedule. Music as part of a child's early development helps develop stronger reading and math skills, better focus, play better with others and have higher self-esteem.

Exercise: Our program includes a weekly gymnastic and movement class that helps our students develop balance and flexibilty. During recess children can play on our play-structure, ride bicycles or simply run on our expansive grass playground. Teaching children to be active from a young age is important to developing a healthy life-style.

Art: Art is a core element of our program. It has been proven that Art is critical to developing imagination, risk tasking, self-confidence, fine-motor skills, language and improved visual learning capabilities.

Language: Research has shown that when children continue to develop their abilities in two or more languages throughout their primary school years, they gain a deeper understanding of language and how to use it effectively. They have more practice in processing language, especially when they develop literacy in both, and they are able to compare and contrast the ways in which their two languages organize reality.


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    Are you looking for a preschool that develops the whole child in an immersive environment. The Portland Language Arts may be the program for your child. Schedule a tour or attend one of our open house events to learn more